Using Blackjack Card Counting Trainer

There are many different blackjack trainers and simulators and each of them are targeted to train certain skills needed for playing this game, and more so, playing well. Depending on what you want to advance at, you should pick a trainer that will offer some specific training. If you want to learn how to count cards then you definitely need the blackjack card counting trainer. Like any other trainers, you can find this one on plenty of casino related sites, and most of such trainers come in a flash-game mode. You do not need to register, just enter a site and play.

What is the whole point of it. It is one of the best tools to figure out the whole blackjack card counting system. Such trainer differs from others, because it has more features and settings that can help you count. First of all, you can set the method how you want to count. Secondly, you will have the statistics shown on the interface – you’ll see the total of cards dealt, the total that was seen, the percentage of all the cards used by a given point in the game. The game itself will remain the same – you will deal cards by clicking on a button, then you’ll make your call, and the software will complete the bet. You’ll also see how much bets you lose and win.